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On September 15th, Twitch made a change that required all API calls to be associated with a client ID. This change has caused twitchie websites fail to load twitch channel information. Below I’m providing a very easy hot fix for this issue that will allow you to fix your website without having to do a fresh install or lose any customizations you have made. Future purchases of this template will have this hot fix already included.


  1. Navigate to your /includes/ folder in your twitchie install.
  2. Rename your current api.php file to api-old.php
  3. Download this updated api.php file. Then upload it to your /includes/ folder.
  4. Refresh your website and confirm your twitch channel information is now loading.
  5. Delete the api-old.php file from your web server.
  6. Give yourself a high five! You did it!

Really sorry for the downtime this issue caused. It was something I had updated in v1.2 but I haven’t been able to push it yet. More on that soon. If you have any questions about this hot fix, please don’t hesitate to ping me.