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On September 15th, Twitch made a change that required all API calls to be associated with a client ID. This change has caused twitchie websites fail to load twitch channel information. Below I’m providing a very easy hot fix for this issue that will allow you to fix your website without having to do a fresh install or lose any customizations you have made. Future purchases of this template will have this hot fix already included.


  1. Navigate to your /includes/ folder in your twitchie install.
  2. Rename your current api.php file to api-old.php
  3. Download this updated api.php file. Then upload it to your /includes/ folder.
  4. Refresh your website and confirm your twitch channel information is now loading.
  5. Delete the api-old.php file from your web server.
  6. Give yourself a high five! You did it!

Really sorry for the downtime this issue caused. It was something I had updated in v1.2 but I haven’t been able to push it yet. More on that soon. If you have any questions about this hot fix, please don’t hesitate to ping me.

Good news! I’ve just pushed v1.1 of Twitchie. For those who have already purchased Twitchie, you will be getting an email with a brand new download link soon. Any new purchases will get v1.1 automatically. Thank you everyone for your awesome feedback and support.


This update fixes some bugs and adds some new requested features as well.

  • Re-wrote some of the the readme/config instructions for clarity.
  • Read me, video tutorial and changelog are now placed in the /docs/ folder.
  • Fixed: Vine url.
  • Fixed: Google+ url.
  • Added: Forum link option.
  • Added: Steam group link option.
  • Added: Deviant art link option.
  • Un-minified CSS for easier customization and tweaking.
  • Added video tutorial by Nerd or Die.


If you want to upgrade from v1.0 to v1.1 of Twitchie, I highly suggest you do a fresh install.

  1. In the root of your website create a folder called “old”.
  2. Move all Twitch v1.0 files to the “old” folder. (You can delete them later or use them for reference while setting up your new config.)
  3. Take the contents of Twitchie v1.1 that you have downloaded to your computer and upload them to the root folder of your website.
  4. Navigate to /includes/config.php and re-enter your value’s.
  5. Save the config file, close it and refresh your website.

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