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Simple & customizable one-page website template made for Twitch streamers.

Notice for current customers: On September 15th 2016, Twitch made a change that required all API calls to be associated with a client ID. This change has caused twitchie websites fail to load twitch channel information. A hotfix has been made available to fix this issue. Click here to download the hotfix. Future purchases will have this hotfix already applied!

final-v3Twitchie is a simple, beautiful and customizable one-page website template made for Twitch streamers that have no website coding experience. It’s designed to focus on what streamers care about most: their channel. At the same time it points visitors to the social networks that streamers update and connect with their audience on.


Twitchie is very simple and has 2 visual states: Online and Offline. When you’re online it tells your website visitors that you’re live, what game you’re playing, how many people are watching, displays your stream title and gives them a big pulsing button to push to view your stream. When you’re offline, it tells your website visitors that you’re offline, displays your offline message and gives them a big button to visit your channel. However, whether you’re online or offline, it will always display links to your social media.

  • Simple, beautiful design that focuses on your channel.
  • Responsive design (desktop, tablets and phones).
  • Updates automatically on every page load.
  • Super easy to visually customize to fit your channel.
  • Dynamically pulls your twitch avatar, stream status, title, game and # of viewers.
  • Can display a custom message when you’re offline.
  • Links to your favorite social media accounts.
  • Links to your favorite donation or tip service.
  • Fullscreen image or video background.
  • Super fast & lightweight.

Setup & Configuration

Setting up this template requires no website coding experience. Simply upload the files to your web server, open the config file with a text editor, follow the instructions and hit save. You’re done. The template will then dynamically build your page using the data you put in the config file. You never have to touch html, css, or javascript. Here are the options you can configure:

  • Twitch channel
  • Custom display name
  • Site title tagline
  • Site description (or it pulls your twitch bio automatically)
  • Site keywords
  • Accent color (or it’s pulled automatically from your twitch profile background color)
  • Custom offline status (For when your channel is offline)
  • 17 available social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Steam, Steam Group, YouTube, Flickr, Github, G+, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, SoundCloud, Tumblr, Vine, Skype, Bandcamp, Twitch Messenger, Forum Link, Deviant Art, Email)
  • 8 affiliate link, tip and donation services (StreamTip, ImRaising, TwitchAlerts, DonationTracker, Amazon Affiliate Link, Patreon, Deepbot, Extra-Life, Steam Gift & Trade)
  • Image or video background (YouTube)
  • Overlay opacity (Layer of black on top of the image or video to keep text legible)
  • Google Analytics


To show how easy and flexible Twitchie is, I’ve created a few demo pages for some of my favorite streamers by only changing 3-5 variables in each config file.


  • Website Domain
  • Linux Web Server with PHP5 & cURL enabled



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